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Attix5 Pro Data Protection Software

  • Are backups versioned or not?

    Yes, each backup gets assigned a date and time so one can easily revert to previous backups.

  • Can backups be scheduled and if so, can that be managed from a central location?

    Yes backups can be scheduled to happen once a day, every few days or once a week. Each client on the organisation's backup schedule can be setup and managed from the Console.

  • Can files be excluded from backups, and how?

    Yes, the Attix5 Pro easy-to-use filter can be used to include or exclude certain file types, as well as folders, subfolders and files. Simply select which files to include or exclude from the backup selection.

  • Can I access my cloud backup over SSH?

    No, but you can access it via a web browser or REST API.

  • Can recovery be file specific or is it the entire drive?

    Recovery can be file specific to BMR (Bare Metal Recovery). One can even recover a single email from a massive exchange server backed-up database.

  • Do backups pass the Backup Bouncer test?

    • Basic permissions, ownership, and timestamps - YES
    • Symbolic links - YES
    • Ownership of symbolic links - YES
    • Hard links – No the link, we backup target
    • Resource forks - YES
    • Finder flags - YES
    • Finder creation date - YES
    • FIFOs - No
    • Devices - No
  • Do I need to be trained to use Attix5 Pro?

    There is no training needed to install and use the DL and SE editions. Everything is pretty self-explanatory.

    We recommended our one-day training course to use the SP edition from where all client backups and accounts are managed.

  • How can I change my encryption key?

    It can be changed, but the old key must be provided first.

  • How can I change my password?

    From the backup client, but old password must be provided first.

  • How do incremental backups work? (I.e. if a file is a newer version.)

    Only the blocks of the file that have changed are backed up and patched on the server.

  • How does Attix5 Pro software work?

    Attix5 Pro consists of 4 different versions, Desktop & laptop edition (DL), Server edition (SE), Storage Platform edition (SP) and Console. The names of each are pretty self explanatory. DL runs on laptops and desktops, SE on servers and SP on the storage platform. The console is a single install which can be used by the IT administrator to manage and monitor all DL, SE and SP activity. Here's a very common scenario which would help to explain how everything fits together: A company has 1000 employees located at 25 branch offices. Each branch office has an onsite server which manages emails and hosts various databases. The head office has 3 additional servers and local backup storage server. Each branch office runs Attix5 DL for each employee machine and Attix5 SE for each server. The employee can decide which files and folders have to backed up and can schedule a daily backup time. At the appointed time, all additional files and file changes are encrypted and securely passed to the backup server. The backup storage server (SS) can either be on the LAN or in the cloud. Attix5 uses incremental backup technology and deduplication which minimises used bandwidth and storage capacity seeing that only incremental file changes are backed up and no duplications of the same file. At HQ, Attix5 SP is installed on the backup storage server. The IT administrator can access the whole company's backups through the Attix5 Console. Although he can't access users encrypted backups, he can manage which files and folders are backed up and monitor to see if backups happen as scheduled. This is where Attix5's advanced and customisable reporting is very useful.

  • How does Attix5's de-duplication work?

    Files with the same data hash only get stored once.

    Do backups pass the Backup Bouncer test?
    • Basic permissions, ownership, and timestamps: YES
    • Symbolic links: YES
    • Ownership of symbolic links: YES
    • Hard links: Not the link, we backup the target
    • Resource forks: YES
    • Finder flags: YES
    • Finder creation date: YES
    • FIFOs: No
    • Devices: No
  • How does recovery work?

    Recovery is an essential part of backing up. For a detailed description on how Attix5 recovers your data, please read: If I lose my data, what happens next? We recommend that you do regular DR testing to make sure you are ready if disaster strikes.
  • How is the encryption key generated, and what happens if it's lost?

    You provide your own password; if you lose it you cannot get your data back.

  • How is the password generated and what happens if it's lost?

    The user provides his or her password; which can be reset on the server.

  • How much bandwidth do backups use?

    Our software is designed to minimise bandwidth when backing up your data. The first backup is a large one because all unique files are transferred to the storage server. Subsequent backups are smaller as only the portions of the files that changed are backed up, not whole files.

    We also use multi-tenancy, which saves bandwidth. Here, only one version of the file will be backed up, even when selected by more than one user.

  • How much does Attix5 software cost?

    We don’t have standard rates. We tailor our solutions according to each client’s individual needs, at the most affordable price. We’re not the cheapest or the most expensive, but we do believe we offer the best value for money – high-end enterprise solutions at SME/SMB prices.

  • If I lose my data, what happens next?

    If you lose a file, folder or drive:
    1. Open Attix5 Pro.
    2. Navigate to the restore tab – your latest backup will appear.
    3. Find and select the files or folders you would like to restore.
    4. Specify the new location.
    5. Click submit, and your data will be restored.
    If you want to restore previous files and folders, you can revert to older backup versions – Attix5 keeps track of as many previous backup versions as you like.
  • Is rsync used to transfer local to cloud?


  • Is the patched version of rsync used for Mac OS so that Mac metadata is preserved?

    No, but we do backup the Mac file metadata with the files so that we can restore it.

  • Must I manually re-install my entire OS, including Attix5 Pro, before restoring from backup?

    If you have a Windows system state backup, you can recover your OS from that. Otherwise, yes, you’ll need to manually re-install your OS.

  • What are the encryption key restrictions?

    A minimum of 8.

  • What file system do you used and why? Did you consider ZFS?

    We use NTFS because we use Windows Servers. ZFS was considered on Linux.

  • What gets backed up? Files? Folders? Drives? Machines?

    All of the above. You or your IT administrator can specify what gets backed up, as well as include or exclude large file types like media or images to depending on available storage space.

  • What happens if I want to continue using Attix5 after my evaluation?

    You sign up for a plan and we bill you per usage – you pay as you go.

  • What happens to my data if I don't want to continue using Attix5?

    Your account will be terminated and the data will be deleted. The data could be stored for a period of time in case you want to reactivate the account, but this will have to be requested prior to ending the contract.

  • What happens to my data once my evaluation has expired?

    We keep it on disk for another couple of days (which you can specify) and then delete it.

  • What is a roll-up and how does it work?

    A roll-up combines all the incremental changes to files on the server to create full files and purge old files that are not references by the backup selection. We keep up to 60 days of backups on the server before we roll-up.

  • What is the difference between DL, SE and SP?

    Attix5 Pro software consists of 4 different versions:
    • Desktop & laptop edition (DL): runs on desktops and laptops
    • Server edition (SE): runs on servers
    • Storage Platform edition (SP): runs on storage platforms
    • Console: a single install, used by the IT administrator to monitor all DL, SE and SP activity.
  • What is the difference between the first backup and subsequent backups?

    The first backup is a large one as all unique files are transferred to the storage server. Subsequent backups are incremental, only the portions of the files that change are backed up, not whole files.

  • Which OSes does Attix5 Pro support?

    Windows, Linux, Max OS X and Solaris.

  • Why choose Attix5 over Dropbox or Google+?

    Attix5 is more secure. Your most valuable asset should always be backed up to a place that can guarantee your security and confidentiality. Free public backup services like Dropbox admit that your data is not 100% confidential and could be exposed to legal authorities if not adhering to certain terms and conditions.

  • Why do techies love Attix5?

    Techies love Attix5 in the same way designers love Apple and geeks love Android – Attix5 software was originally written by techies for techies. Our philosophy has always been to improve our software to solve real backup and recovery problems and simplify management of data protection for the service provider and end user. We constantly innovate to increase the efficiency and usability of our software.

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