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Attix5 Pro V6.2 is here!

Attix5 Pro V6.2 — New plug-ins, improved MirrorServer monitoring, symbolic link support and much more...

Attix5 Pro V6.2



A few of the improvements and additions...

MirrorServer progress monitoring in SP Console with standard SP connection
While connecting directly to MirrorServers
used to be the only way to view their
activity in the past, you can now connect
to a Storage Platform as per usual and monitor MirrorServer progress alongside StorageServer progress as well as cancel tasks.

More robust encryption key handling
More robust encryption key handling over multiple StorageServers and MirrorServers.

Faster and more robust Mirror transfers
Mirror protocol redesign to eliminate
time-outs and improve transfer speed.

More detail in Roll-up report
The Roll-upsThisMonth report now includes the amount of unique data stored with each roll-up (i.e. data not referenced in any other backup or roll-up).


Back up symbolic links with Linux or Unix versions of Attix5 Pro Server Edition
Attix5 Pro Server Edition running on Linux and Unix operating systems can now back up symbolic links.

Optimised Logs tab in Attix5 Pro DL and SE
The Logs tab has been optimized to display very large log files (several Gigabytes)
instantaneously and with minimal
memory usage.

Backup Selection reports available with email notifications
You now have the option to include an HTML-formatted list of the files and folders selected for backup with email notifications.

Attix5 Pro for Solaris
The Attix5 Pro Backup Client is now
available for Servers running Solaris 10.

Higher maximum roll-up retention
The maximum roll-up retention on the Storage Platform has been increased to
999 roll-ups.

Consolidated System State plug-in
A single System State plug-in for both Windows Server 2003 (using NTBackup)
and Windows Server 2008 (using WSB).


Single Item Recovery Plus ̶ A plug-in for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Back up and restore individual emails, contacts, tasks and calendar items with
the Attix5 Pro Exchange 2010 Single Item
Recovery Plus plug-in for Microsoft
Exchange Server 2010. 

 A few Benefits of Single Item Recovery Plus:

  • Significant speed improvements
    (in comparison to the standard
    SIR plug-in)
  • Automatic installation and setup configuration checks
  • Automatic configuration checks at
    restore points
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Ability to restore to .MSG and .ZIP files to a local machine as well as directly to the Microsoft Exchange server
  • Option to recreate missing mailboxes
    during restore

Please note: The standard SIR plug-in only supports Microsoft Exchange 2007. It does not support Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and no longer supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.


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